Engineered Composite Systems

ECS Environmental Solutions was formed to develop, fifa 15 coins
design and manufacture equipment for the treatment of odorous compounds in air-streams.  With over 10 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of Odor Control Systems, ECS Environmental has installations all over North America. fifa 14 coins 

ECS sets itself apart from other odor control companies by providing a complete system – from source to solution. Fifa 15 Coins sale Sales, design, project management, manufacturing and inventory items are located together in our 100,000 ft.2 facility in central Texas.  ECS Environmental Solutions and Engineered Composite Systems are divisions of TexGlass Industries, a family owned and operated company since 1997.Fifa 14 Coins 

In addition to manufacturing project-specific fiberglass equipment, custom chemical storage tanks, ductwork and covers, ECS offers a number of economical "standard" corrosion resistant products for the air control industry. We offer consultation where we put our 40+ years of FRP design experience to work to solve each customer's specific problem.

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News Brief

"Getting ducts in a row with corrosion-resistant FRP" from the July/August 2011 Issue of Reinforced Plastics Magazine

Composites are effective in providing corrosion protection in significant volume for industrial processing systems worldwide.  Vicki P. McConnell examines corrosion market influences and system ductwork applications.

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